Volunteering With Turning Pages

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Turning Pages.

Without the support of our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to impact our Midlands community in the way we have for the past 50 years.

Common Questions

If you are interested in impacting the lives of those struggling with literacy, volunteer with Turning Pages! Check out some of the common questions below to learn more about what volunteering involves. Or feel free to contact us here or through the button at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions


Turning Pages will administer a 2.5 hour tutor orientation for new tutors. Tutor orientations typically take place the last Saturday of the month from 10AM-12:30PM at the Turning Pages offices. If you are unable to attend a scheduled orientation, make-up sessions can be arranged.

Our tutor orientations are used for multiple purposes that are essential prior to you meeting with your learner. The orientation will be a forum to answers questions you may have, provide an overview of adult education, and give you some practical knowledge you can use with learners. This is particularly important for those who do not come from a teaching background.

Your training manual is sent to you online before your tutor orientation. Please bring this with you to your orientation.

We try to use the information you have provided in your Tutor Interest Form. For example, if you have indicated you want to work with beginning learners, you would be matched with a beginning learner.

e provide teacher’s editions of books to tutors. There are other books and materials used in the tutoring process that Turning Pages will provide to you to use with your learners.

In addition to a folder of various educational handouts, tutors may be sent online resources in the public domain. New tutors are also introduced to board members who have taught adult education classes who can be used as a resource for any questions that may come up regarding the tutoring process or the curriculum.

We will guide you in the best practices for helping a learner with a learning disability. Many of our learners do have some kind of learning disability, but we will suggest a variety of ways to best help these learners. In fact, a multi-faceted approach usually works best for those with learning disabilities.

At the onset of a tutoring relationship, an agreement signed by both tutor and learner. This agreement is designed to set clear expectations for tutors and learners. Relatinships are built on mutual respect and therefore learners are asked to contact you should they need to cancel an appointments. However we do ask tutors to keep in mind that many learners do not drive and may not even have a phone. So tutors are asked to be understanding and empathetic with learners.

Our services are completely free. All materials for learners are provided to tutors by Turning Pages.

Tutoring sessions take place at locations that are suitable for both tutors and learners. While most tutors and learners meet at Richland and Lexington County libraries in private rooms reserved for adult education, meetings can also take place at other public locations such as the Turning Pages offices or shelters.