Learning With Turning Pages

No matter what the goals of our adult learners are, Turning Pages is here to help!

Adult learners come to Turning Pages with many different goals in mind. Some learners would like to learn how to read to their children or grandchildren, some to read the Bible and some learners simply want to be able to read street signs to better navigate the day-to-day.

Common Questions

If you believe a friend or a loved one would benefit from the services we provide through Turning Pages, check out some of the common questions below to learn more. Or feel free to contact us here or through the form at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our services are completely free. All materials for learners are provided to you by Turning Pages.

Stop by our offices during our office hours, Monday & Wednesday from 9AM-5PM, to fill out an intake form and provide a quick assessment. Our office is located at First Christian Church (2062 N Beltline Blvd). This is a chance to get to know each other, identify which library you would like to meet your tutor, help you set goals, and record your contact information.

From the time you enroll, it can take approximately 2-3 weeks to be matched with a tutor.

Tutoring sessions take place at locations that are suitable for both tutors and learners. While most tutors and learners meet at Richland and Lexington County libraries in private rooms reserved for adult education, meetings can also take place at other public locations such as the Turning Pages offices or shelters.

You are matched with a tutor based on the tutor’s interest form and your initial intake form. Usually, your first meeting with your tutor will be at Turning Pages where you and your tutor will get to know each other and sign a Tutor/Learner agreement.

If you’re unable to make a meeting, let your tutor know in advance by calling him or her.

Typically tutors and learners meet twice as week for 1.5 hour per session.

Turning Pages will order books appropriate for your level. It usually takes a week to receive books ordered. In some cases, educational materials from online are used or from other sources. All books and other materials are free of charge.

At this time, we are not focusing on GED prep.  We are happy to work with you to bring your reading and math abilities up.  However, we recommend advanced GED learners look into other Adult Education programs.  Please note that the GED test can only be administered by South Carolina school districts, and Turning Pages is unable administer this test for learners.  We also cannot provide fee waivers for GED.

Yes! We can provide specialized tutoring sessions focusing on English as a Second Language (ESL), those with intellectual challenges, as well as math.